Popular Boats in Citrus Nature Coast Area

If you look at the map of Citrus County’s Coastline you will see that it is far different from the beach coast ling in central Florida’s West Coast. There are lots of islands and shallower areas. The depth of the water goes down gradually in this area however boating channels are available.

To enjoy the boating you may consider a variety of boats depending on your use. In Crystal River area the river is wider so you can choose from larger boats and craft. Pontoon bats are also popular. Kayaks are also popular for observing the manatees and sea life. Some areas like Dixie shores the water is not deep in some areas so you will need to decide what kind of boat usage you prefer.

In the Homosassa River area you can also use a variety of water craft. If you are going to fish the gulf you will use typical open fisherman. If you prefer scenic excursions the pontoon boat is very popular. Many people prefer very shallow draft boats so they can reach the many inlets and creeks and shallow areas to fish. Kayaks are also very popular.

In the Mason Creek area you would need a shallow draft boat or pontoon boat.

On the Chassahowizka River many people use bass boats and skiffs for the shallow waters. Canoes and kayaks are also popular.

On the north part of the county there is the Barge Canal, Withlacoochee River and Lake Rousseau.You can choose your watercraft depending on where you live and your usage.



Popular Boats in Citrus County Nature Coast

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