Kings Bay of Crystal River Florida Information


Buying a waterfront home is the dream of many people.

Before buying a Waterfront home in Citrus County you should know if it’s freshwater or saltwater waterfront.

Crystal River and Homosassa Florida in Citrus County represent some of the finest waterfront living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Waterfront property both coastal and riverfront are still reasonably priced compared to other more populated waterfront communities.


Kings Bay is one of the most impressive waterfront areas in Citrus County. Being a part of Crystal River it has fresh water what helps to keep your boat in water all the time without danger of corrosion.

Large Mediterranean style homes set right on the waters edge of Kings Bay in Crystal River offer excellent access to the Gulf of Mexico. Having a freshwater waterfront property on Kings Bay gives an easy access to saltwater.

Kings Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are popular destinations for pleasure boating as well as fishing

When fishing on the west side of Citrus County your options are saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. Saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico offers some of the largest Tarpon on the planet, in fact the world record Tarpon was caught just off the coast of Citrus County