Florida Waterfront Information

Florida Waterfront information

Kings Bay of Crystal River Florida Information


Buying a waterfront home is the dream of many people.

Before buying a Waterfront home in Citrus County you should know if it’s freshwater or saltwater waterfront.

Crystal River and Homosassa Florida in Citrus County represent some of the finest waterfront living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Waterfront property both coastal and riverfront are still reasonably priced compared to other more populated waterfront communities.


Kings Bay is one of the most impressive waterfront areas in Citrus County. Being a part of Crystal River it has fresh water what helps to keep your boat in water all the time without danger of corrosion.

Large Mediterranean style homes set right on the waters edge of Kings Bay in Crystal River offer excellent access to the Gulf of Mexico. Having a freshwater waterfront property on Kings Bay gives an easy access to saltwater.

Kings Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are popular destinations for pleasure boating as well as fishing

When fishing on the west side of Citrus County your options are saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. Saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico offers some of the largest Tarpon on the planet, in fact the world record Tarpon was caught just off the coast of Citrus County

Popular Boats in Citrus Nature Coast Area

If you look at the map of Citrus County’s Coastline you will see that it is far different from the beach coast ling in central Florida’s West Coast. There are lots of islands and shallower areas. The depth of the water goes down gradually in this area however boating channels are available.

To enjoy the boating you may consider a variety of boats depending on your use. In Crystal River area the river is wider so you can choose from larger boats and craft. Pontoon bats are also popular. Kayaks are also popular for observing the manatees and sea life. Some areas like Dixie shores the water is not deep in some areas so you will need to decide what kind of boat usage you prefer.

In the Homosassa River area you can also use a variety of water craft. If you are going to fish the gulf you will use typical open fisherman. If you prefer scenic excursions the pontoon boat is very popular. Many people prefer very shallow draft boats so they can reach the many inlets and creeks and shallow areas to fish. Kayaks are also very popular.

In the Mason Creek area you would need a shallow draft boat or pontoon boat.

On the Chassahowizka River many people use bass boats and skiffs for the shallow waters. Canoes and kayaks are also popular.

On the north part of the county there is the Barge Canal, Withlacoochee River and Lake Rousseau.You can choose your watercraft depending on where you live and your usage.



Popular Boats in Citrus County Nature Coast

Citrus County Waterfront


Pier Locations, Boundary Lines and Permits.

Having (or keeping) a pier is a first priority consideration for many waterfront lots. It is not relaxing and fun to have a dispute with a neighbor about whether a pier is on his property, your property, on the line, should be shared, or whether a pier that you were counting on using is even legal in the first place. If you are considering a home where there is currently a pier or where you would like to put in a pier, its continued viability should be examined. First, consult with planning and zoning — was the existing pier built with a permit (or grandfathered?), or if you would like to put in a new pier, can an adequate pier be placed on the site given environmental limitations and the location of neighboring piers? Second, is there any dispute with a neighbor about the location of any of the piers (does a pier encroach the property line extended into the water?) or is there an expectation that a pier will be shared? If you are purchasing a property that is one of several that were previously owned by a single family, it is very common that multiple homes shared a single pier. This sort of agreement should be spelled out — or it can quickly lead to a disagreement.



problems when purchasing Florida waterfront properties

Crystal River Florida Waterfront

The Obligation and Ability to Maintain the Waterfront.

For any property that faces significant wave action or is on a bluff, there will be erosion concerns. For all waterfront properties, there are significant restrictions on the owners’ ability to clear growth and trees, to fill eroded areas, and to construct shoreline protection. The cost and ability to obtain permits for waterfront repairs and maintenance should be considered. For example, in many waterfront communities, there are existing bulkheads or revetments. Depending on the particular community, the cost to maintain these structures may lie with the nearest individual landowner or with the community,why you should consult a waterfront specialist / real estate broker before entering into a contract to sell or purchase waterfront property anywhere. Another instance? There have been news reports of criminal charges being filed because a waterfront property owner hired a landscaper to clear trees and bushes along the waterfront. Just like piers, it is wise to consult with knowledgeable professionals and zoning departments before setting plans for improvements.


problems when purchasing Florida waterfront properties

Crystal River FL Waterfront



There is nothing that can compare to the peace, tranquility and sense of well-being that accompanies ownership of a piece of waterfront property. That feeling should not be disturbed by problems that can be prevented or at least managed. In waterfront property there are a few issues that arise with such regularity that they should be considered prior to any purchase.
Waterfront versus Waterview.

A true “waterfront” property is one that has riparian rights associated with it. In the most states on the East Coast of the United States, the owner of a property that has riparian rights has the right to apply to construct a pier or other waterfront improvement, has the first right to apply for permits for waterfowl hunting, and has the right to prevent others from impeding access to the water or the view of the water. In contrast, a “waterview” property is generally one that is close to the water, but has land owned by someone else between the land and the shoreline. A waterview may have a limited (or no) right to build a pier and may not have any guarantee that another owner will not build a fence, structure or put in plantings that obstruct the waterview. Careful consideration should be paid to what might be placed between the waterview property and the water — if it is community land on which nothing can be built that is very different than private land on which someone in the future may build a multi-story home.

florida waterfront problems

Florida waterfront



When purchasing Florida waterfront properties…

Community Waterfront versus Private Waterfront.

Many waterfront, waterview and water access properties are located in developments where the original developer subdivided a large tract and reserved the waterfront for the use of all of the houses in the neighborhood. Interior houses may be listed as “water access” properties and have affirmative rights to community beaches, boat ramps and other facilities. In many of these developments, there is also a strip of land that lies along the water and surrounds the entire community and was intended to allow for members of the community to walk and have access to the entire waterfront. The ownership structure of these walks can vary widely, but if they are present, there are special concerns for the homes nearest the water. Those homes may have the right to build and maintain a pier — but the pier may actually be owned by the community and be available for all of the members to use. Or there may be no right to a pier at all. The possible variations are too numerous to list, but an owner purchasing “waterfront” in such a community should be sure to understand exactly what the obligations and benefits are in the particular community.


problems when purchasing Florida waterfront properties

Florida waterfront problems


Choose the right Real Estate professional. I know one :)))

Purchasing and owning waterfront is meant to improve ones quality of life, and usually it does. There will always be an unfortunate few that end up purchasing a large, unexpected and expensive problem, and their quality of life is most often not improved. Without question, the best means of avoiding unexpected difficulties is to associate with professionals with experience and interest in waterfront properties. A good Realtor will know the particular area where a property is located, or will know the questions (like the ones above) that must be analyzed in order to know if a property is right for you. A good Realtor will know whether a deed is to transfer all of the rights you expect or just some, helps with pier sharing agreements, and will know how to avoid a dispute that can arise. I hope these pointers help to make your next waterfront property purchase or sale, an enjoyable one!



Problems when purchasing Florida waterfront properties

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